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Night Paper #6: Indoors with Bombazeen Bean and Gymnos Alitheia

This is an experiment that was so good, it’s an official shoot. The models, who graciously volunteered their time and talents, were Bombazeen Bean and Gymnos Alitheia. Thank you!

First things first, deep thanks to Mabel, my lovely PA and girlfriend, and to Sharon Radisch who was my photo assistant on this shoot. Without the two of you, this shoot would only have been a shadow of what it was.

















Night Paper #5: Rockaway Beach


This Wednesday past, on the full moon, Gabe, Sylvester, Mabel and I spent a brisk evening on the beach at Rockaway. Having previously seen Sylvester’s panoramics from when he was volunteering, we decided that the beauty of the repeating shapes from the concrete supports for the now-missing boardwalk was of such beauty that we were simply compelled to make art in that scene. (Continued)

Night Paper #4 – Dumbo (NSFW)

This next shoot involves a second night of shooting with Gymnos Alitheia. Originally, we were scheduled to do this on the heels of the Long Island City shoot, but he was feeling under the weather, so we postponed. Luckily, we encountered a street fair! (grin).

Night Paper #3: Rainy Rooftop in Williamsburg (NSFW)

Last Friday evening, I completed my third shoot in the Night Paper series.

Deepest thanks go to the very courageous models who braved the high-60′s temperatures post-rainstorm atop the 11th floor of a building in south Williamsburg. One was Clara Coquette, a fantastic and talented local burlesque dancer and the other wishes to remain anonymous. You were both amazing, and I thank you. Also big thanks go to my assistant and girlfriend, Mabel, for making many important details happen effortlessly. Mwah!

Here are some favorites from the shoot. More after the jump!


Night Paper #2: Gymnos in Long Island City (NSFW)

Second in the “Night Paper” series, I present the shoot we did on 8/30/2012 with Gymnos Alitheia, a fantastic creative mind and eager participant. I can’t say I’ve met anyone with his energy and ebullience yet! Thank you, Paul. Also deep thanks go to Mabel for being an awesome PA on this shoot and Jeremiah Sjoberg who joined us as photo assistant.

Three digital shots, first being my favorite:

One 4×5″ film shot so far – more to scan:

And some test shots from creating this outfit and fitting after the jump.


Great Sand Dunes National Park on Film

Proud to present: Night Photography + Cut Paper + Nude Model = Start of a massive project

I have been dreaming about this project for nearly 4 years. After spending a lot of time working out mechanics of dressing someone in paper and honing my night exposure abilities, I felt I was ready to make this happen while on art sabbatical in Denver. Enjoy, and look forward to more of this. I intend to make this a gallery show + coffee table book. Shot on location at Barr Lake near Denver International Airport. Special thanks go to Sky Donohue for being creative, professional and brave enough to try this unusual project (Thank you, Sky!). Also I wish to thank Frank McDaniel from MAC Group and Denver Pro Photo Supply for their incredible support from gear to processing film. Deepest thanks!

These first two are really the essence of my vision for this project – dressing nudes in hand-cut paper for long exposures that include star trails and perhaps more. These are digital from my D700. I also shot film with my Mamiya 7II and Toyo VX125. When those are scanned, I will share. Here is one 6×7 – the 4×5″ film got blown at the airport :( I am very partial to the film shot, as the hour-long exposure makes the star trails look like rock stars.

After the jump, see some dusk outtakes we worked on while waiting for complete darkness and clouds to clear (which happened around 11pm). (Continued)

Class Warfare

Another collaboration project with Z

High Plains Drifting in Colorado

Here are some photos made while out scouting locations near the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

4×5″ Film Night Photography in Downtown Denver

I finally got some of my black-and-white 4×5″ images back. These are photographs of them, not scans. One is from 4th of July:

Ilford Delta 100, f/11 @ 20 mins.

The following three are from Monday night down not he Platte River under Speen St and 15th St in Denver.

Ilford Delta 100, f/8 @ 16 mins.

Ilford Delta 100, f/11 @ 16 mins.

Ilford Delta 100, f/8 @ 8 mins.