Nicole Jensen

I’m a social media specialist & digital marketing freelancer to businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit communities.

I show people how to use social media effectively, creatively and resourcefully.

I’ve worked with ad agencies, small business owners, job seekers,¬†students and teachers. My main interests are in creative marketing for brands as well as digital reputation management for individuals.

I can’t help but always be on the ball in regards to new ideas and tech, so you’ll most often find me researching inventive strategies for emerging social platforms.

I’m also a volunteer Community Manager for BTUB, the Brisbane Twitter social group. I have a Diploma of Event Management and a Bachelor of Business (Events Management).


August 19 2013

Things I learned working in cybersafety

After working in online safety, digital reputation management and education for just over eight months, I thought I’d knock out some rough tips for both kids and their families. I’d love to hear your comments and reflections on the below, so do share your own perception in the comments. Part A: Hey kids, this first section’s for you: (Teachers, parents Read more…

Social Media

Consultant, Manager

I’m available for hire in regards to:

  • social media strategy and setup
  • digital reputation management
  • community management, and
  • events planning and marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Facebook account but haven’t used it, or have used Twitter for years, I can work with both people and organisations, and always consider pre-existing goals before offering solutions. Social media might be my biggest passion, but I’ll never overcomplicate it or push for something you don’t need.

Guest Speaker

As well as the above subjects, I have presented on:

  • social media marketing for events
  • community management
  • the story of BTUB
  • digital citizenship
  • cybersafety and privacy, and
  • social media for students and job seekers.

I’ve spoken at events for Edgeware, Interactive Minds Brisbane, a variety of South East Queensland schools, and on a panel or two. I’ve been interviewed on radio (I was 13 the first time!), written guest blog posts and participated in debates.

Guest Blogger

As well as writing for my clients, I enjoy receiving guest/collaboration posts for my blog, on topics such as those above. Send me a short bio and a quick overview of what you’d like to talk about (no affiliate advertising, sorry) and I’ll get back to you.

Get in touch

Email me here

You can find me on countless social networks, but I find the ultimate spot for a chat is a quiet bar or coffee shop.
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