The following is a sampling of some of my work.

The Kristin Chenoweth spot is finished and is playing through the month of October. Here it is:

I’m currently in the middle of post production on a spot with Kristin Chenoweth for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It will be out next month. Will load it up here when it’s done.

On set with Kristin Chenoweth during filming of a PSA for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Building on the success of the New York Times Bestselling book, “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller, this six episode series brings together a group of skeptics to sit with Dr Keller and examine the six most commonly held objections that non Christians have against Christianity. The series is being distributed by Harper Collins and is due for release October 15, 2010. I produced and directed all six episodes.

My most recent short film is The Love Game. I was one of five filmmakers selected from across America to compete in a Nationwide film competition. The “Bflix” series was sponsored by Bloomingdale’s as a part of their Fall 2009 Film-themed campaign. I was up against a talented selection of filmmakers that included Robert Redford’s daughter, Amy. The films were showcased online and in all the Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the US where people could shop, watch and vote. At the end of six weeks of viewing and voting The Love Game was awarded the winning film sending me to the 2010 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles.

These children live in a place on the outskirts of Cairo called Moqattam. They are part of the Zabaleen who live on a garbage dump and make a living from collecting and sorting Cairo’s refuse. It amazed me how happy and content they were despite their circumstances and surroundings.

This film was set in Scotland during the Make Poverty History march organized by Bono and Bob Geldof (called “ONE” here in the US). It has won numerous awards on the international film festival circuit and was picked up for distribution in the US – by Palm Pictures – where it has been seen in over 42 States of America on Comcast.

This was a film I made for an organization that works with refugees in the Middle East. It was aimed at encouraging twenty somethings to come out as volunteers and get hands on experience in the region.

This is a scene from a feature project we have in development called Mythopoeia (working title). It’s a look at the Bible story from the point of view of literary narrative and mythology rather than theology. It was done to show investors the kind of animation technique and look we’d be employing for the film so some of the illustrations are still at mock-up level whereas others are more fully developed.

Over thirty years ago a motion picture called “The Jesus Film” had its opening at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. It went on to become the most watch piece of cinema in history earning itself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. A few years ago the film was being re-released and I was commissioned to make a 7 minute addition that acted as a prologue to the film. (Essentially the Old Testament in 7 minutes) It was shot on super 35mm film on location in South Africa, and in a studio in England. I wrote, produced and directed the piece.

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