Grapefruit – Grapefruit


Grapefruit "Phase Accidents"

01. Science Wars  02. End Scene  03. Phase Accidents  04. Arp 2  05. Split Horizons  06. Zone Sourcing  07. Many Fades  08. High Strings  09. Aleatoric Tone Tunnels  10. Monte Carlo  11. Amaryllis

Grapefruit is the moniker of a Portland, Oregon synth composer, C. Salas-Humara, where we find him creating lush percolating brain cinema, analog computer dreamscapes, and progressive sci-fi psychedelia. Sometimes the trip is a relaxed and bucolic night drive, soaring across the desert sky as the golden suns melts into the horizon and on into the calm dark of night. Other times Grapefruit is a dense scramble through a frenzied maze, burning an urban landscape into circuit board and riding the circuits until they bleed.

LP: (sold out)
MP3 (320 kbps): $5

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