COPY – Mobius Beard


COPY - Afro Oven

01 Just Expect
02 A Slight but Delicious Warble
03 Like a Turtle
04 Backward
05 Calling You Back
06 It’s a Little Too Late
07 Afro Oven
08 Plagiarhythm
09 Tailored Pants
10 Thanks for the Pen
11 The Wheel

Combining dense harmonies, delivered in an 8- bit baroque electro style somewhere between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ratatat, with snaptight digital beats reminiscent of Dabrye, Copy has created an emotionally affecting sound that doesn’t neglect the dance floor. On Mobius Beard, fuzzy bass synths ride syncopated drum patterns, jump-cutting into ambient spaces and cresting in victorious melodic themes. The result is a crossover work of electronic pop that will appeal to both hardcore sound boys / IDM nerds and the casual listening masses.

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