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About Mary

My name is Mary and I founded a paranormal investigative group named The Paranormal MD. I also work as an educator teaching at a local college on the topic of the paranormal, and as a consultant and public speaker on the subject of how science relates to the paranormal realm, and of course, on the topic of paranormal investigating.

Through years of research and investigating I have educated myself in the field of paranormal phenomena. I have done extensive research into the causes of paranormal activity.

I believe in discarnate souls, in a haunting, in poltergeist, in colliding dimensions, in shadow people. I also believe in anomalies, the paranormal in the true sense of the meaning of the word, in science, and the explainable.

The art of science is creativity at its best. It is taking chaos, random, and the unexplainable and making sense of it all in a logical manner that lends to us a solution.

It is about identifying the patterns of events, circumstance, and chance, and creating rules, laws, and certainty. By examining all possibilities and experimentation, understanding will be ascertained.


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