Beady was formed in 2009 by chance. Both Jordan Trabue and Dylan Weber-Owens, whom before this had never known each other, went for a ride in “Mr. Robertson’s Fantastic Dirigible Ride” (Trademark 1974) in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a fine dirigible ride, as far as dirigible rides go, on a fine day. That is, up until halfway through the ride, the dirigible burst into flames (true fact: dirigibles are known to spontaneously burst into flames, which is why they are no longer the number 1 mode of transport in America). As the flames ate away at the tarp holding the contraption in the air, the dirigible began to slowly crash.

Realizing what must be done, Jordan and Dylan grabbed the on-board guitar and banjo (respectively) and went to the lowest point on the structure. They then began to start a’pickin’ and a’strummin at their instruments with such ferocity and energy that the pure force of their playing generated heat, enough heat to keep the dirigible afloat until help arrived. Not only did they save the life of everyone on the ride, but they also gave the passengers the finest playing that anyone on the dirigible had heard in years. And so, Beady was born.