Cromer is one of my favourite places to keep returning to in Norfolk. For as long as I can remember I’ve had such fond memories of visiting there and I’m never disappointed when we go in any weather. In fact one of my first ever blog posts was sharing some photos of Cromer that my now Brother in Law took way back in 2009.  I never imagined then that I would be sharing my own photos here but just like in 2009, I did had a chocolate ice cream from our usual place on this visit :) and it was yummy!


{A portrait of my brother in law}


{A happy portrait of my lickle sister}

This weekend is another long bank holiday weekend in the UK and I’m so excited about it, we don’t have much planned but the extra day to relax is definitely going to be appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

Location: Cromer, Norfolk
Camera: Zenit B
Film: Fuji Superia 400

Embracing the quiet and beautiful Part 3


For those who need a little quiet and beautiful today like I do.

Location: Cromer, Norfolk
Camera: Zenit B
Film: Fuji Superia 400

Embracing the quiet and beautiful part two

I’ve written before that I’ve always felt that in taking my photos that I’m searching for something… and I think that whatever part of me it is that drives me to take photos, probably knows what I actually need from my photos more than I do. Because once again, I spent a lot of my time on the beach last week embracing the quiet and beautiful scenes around me…


These were taken in both Cromer and Wells-Next-The-Sea and I love how peaceful both beaches look, especially in the black and white.

Location: Wells and Cromer, Norfolk
Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN

Feet love – week 3!

I was hoping to have feet photos from Edinburgh this week – but I’m having all kinds of drama getting the diana mini photos developed this time round
le sigh
(I love that phrase from Liz - I feel its appropiate right now…)

At least I still had some blurry feet photos from the first roll in Cromer
(can you see the snow?!)

I love the second one – I seriously can not wait until that is our dog in between us – I really hope I don’t have to wait too much longer – I’m getting impatient!

For more feet photos head over to the lovely Nicole’s blog
Nicole is also having a great giveaway at the moment – she is the cutest isn’t she?

First Diana mini film…

Even after 12 rolls of film with Helga the Holga – I still made the exact same mistakes with my first roll of film in Deedee the Diana mini as I did with my very first holga roll – I forgot to check that it was not set on bulb (N not B Rhianne, N not B!) and I didn’t keep adjusting the focus for each picture…

Despite the fact that I really should know better – I’m still loving how they turned out and hopefully next time I will be a bit more careful!

p.s. can you see the snow on the cliffs? I looove Cromer!

I love the beach… even in the snow!

On Sunday we went to Cromer… and it snowed! I have never seen snow at the beach before (I don’t think…) and despite the cold as it started to clear up it did look rather pretty with the snow on the cliffs.

As it was quite cold, it took alot longer for these to develop, but watching them was absolutely fascinating and I can honestly say I am hooked on this camera!

Doesn’t my sister’s pose look amazing in the photo above – she wasn’t doing that until I actually took the photo, I think the waves caught her by surprise :)

These last two pictures were taken by Boyfriend (as I am in one of them) Harry is also in it too – he wasn’t meant to be but he ran in apparently… you can kind of tell that he’s being dragged out again, haha!

I love how there is a slight bleed of purple on the right hand side of these photos – I still have no idea why but it definitely adds something to them!

p.s. don’t forget about the giveaway, you have one more day to enter!!

A long weekend in Norfolk: Cromer Part 3

I finally found a scanner that works, yeay! So here are the Holga photos from Cromer - I didn’t take that many as I got distracted by chips on the pier and paddling in the sea, oops!

The only thing we didn’t get was a Cromer Crab, which is a shame – Cromer crab’s are the best! (In fact they sell them in the Morrison’s near me which is weird as its about a 4 hour drive away…)

A long weekend in Norfolk: Cromer Part I

First I am going to shamelessly admit that all of these photos were taken by my Sister’s boyfriend with his fancy camera and show off zoom! Check out his new Flickr page that I convinced him to start – my favourite is Attlebridge in Winter
(its the village I grew up in and its lovely! Attlebridge that is… not Cromer unfortunately)

How cute does Harry look on the beach – he didn’t look anywhere near as cute when we had to bath him afterwards, hehe!

I wish I had taken these photos…

…but the owner of the posh camera at home stole it back and took them himself – doh! I’m going to share them with you anyway though! Serves him right :)
I love the beach, especially Cromer where these were taken. I don’t get to go as often as I would like to, but when I do it always cheers me up, no matter what the weather is like!

The beach on sunday was lovely and quiet, with hardly anyone there. It was beautiful in a misty, eery kind of way. I got to walk all the way along the beach and I also had a double chocolate scoop ice cream from the usual ice cream place which I enjoyed immensely.