Shan Mu Baskets

Shan mu Baskets are priced based off of size. Smalls $30, Medium $40, Large $50, Xtra Larges $60 with $10 shipping in the continental US.

Product Information

The exotic wood of the Shan Mu (Heaven’s Eyes) Tree grows exclusively in the high mountain Guizhou region of China. Because the soil is so rocky on the mountain the root system does not spread outward like it does here.  The roots grow around the rocks and soil and fuse together under the soil. There the main trunk of the tree is harvested and used for fine furniture while the base and root of the tree is left in the ground for a period of one year to cure. After one year the root is dug up and taken to the skilled artisans where the base and root of the tree is kiln dried for several days. After the drying process is complete, the root and base are individually selected to be hand carved into a basket. The handles of the baskets are created from the root, while the base or stump produces the basket portion. Each piece bears the individual carvers signature or mark. This basket was produced by the Xianghua family in the Guizhou region. 

Each exotic wood basket is a very unique piece of nature, individually hand carved by talented artisans to create a one of a kind piece of art. All the baskets are unique in structure, color and texture with individual personality. The beauty of the baskets is their beautiful bold wood grain patterns, naturally occurring knots and contorted shapes.

Each artist incorporates their own strength, personality and character in each piece carved. We hope you enjoy this treasure for a lifetime.

All products are properly bubble wrapped for shipment. We recommend the liberal use of a wood moistureizer/sealer particularly on the bottom of the piece. We use Food-N-Wax from Howard Product, Inc. Also
available in woodworking stores.

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