Gateway Berlin Radio
GBR – Episode 3
Dec 10, 2010 | 3wadmin

The long awaited, and much delayed episode 3 of Gateway Berlin Radio is up. In this episode The Oregonian film critic M.E. Russell discusses why Christian movies are often shallow compared to secular movies and what would make Christian art better.  Also:  A farewell to our summer intern Jael Tang. Right click to download the [...]

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Red, Green, and Blue
RED, GREEN, and BLUE: What Does it Mean?
Jul 3, 2010 | Patrick

Our Three Worlds Logo The Three Worlds we refer to are the worlds of Traditional Christianity, Post-Christendom Christianity, and Non-Western Christianity.  In the Three Worlds of our region (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East), all three Christian worlds are present. Above the “W” are three globes, each one facing Europe and the Middle [...]

New Team Members
Meet the Langfords: New 3W Teammembers!
Meet the Langfords: New 3W Teammembers!
May 25, 2012 | Patrick

Zach was born in Port Charlotte, Florida and was an active member of 6th Avenue Church of God in Decatur, Alabama (Ken and Keli Oldham’s church) when he got interested in international ministry.  After going on a mission trip to Guyana, Zach traveled to the U.K. to work with the Church of God and felt [...]

Meet the Kihms: New 3W Team Members
Meet the Kihms: New 3W Team Members
May 22, 2012 | Patrick

Daniel and Christy Kihm are our Three Worlds missionaries to Holland.  Daniel grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and holds a B.A. in Bible & Religion as well as an M.Div. from Anderson University.  He also attended Cincinnati Bible College.  For the past 7 years, Daniel was the Senior Pastor at Maple Grove Church of God [...]

Celebrating! Oldhams Get the Green Light!
Celebrating! Oldhams Get the Green Light!
Dec 15, 2011 | Patrick

We are all celebrating here at Three Worlds about the Oldhams receiving 100% of their support!  This means that soon the Oldhams will be on a plane to Egypt and will officially be over here working for our Three World objectives.  Ken and Keli worked very hard to raise their funds.  Over the past few [...]

Three Worlds Diary
Racism Around the World

From Facebook:  Three Worlds Is the USA very racist? As a minority, I’ve always argued that the answer is a strong “no.” Race relations in the United States are far better than they are in other places around the world. I used to live in South Korea–and there, all minorities were discriminated against, including me. [...]

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Patrick’s Photos from Around the World
Photos of Australia
Photos of Australia

Australia is quite possibly my favorite country to visit for a Holiday. Here are some photos from our three trips Down Under.

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The 3w Team
Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall
Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall

This website is run by Patrick & Jamie Nachtigall.  We are Regional Coordinators to Europe and the Middle East for Global Missions of the Church of God (Anderson, IN) and leaders of the Three Worlds Team.  We serve this region with our friends seeking to prepare the Church for global ministry in the 21st Century.   [...]

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3W Seminars
3W Seminars
3W Seminars

INTRODUCTION TO 3W SEMINARS 3W Seminar are weekend events that involve our Three Worlds team or guests making presentations on the challenges our churches are facing in their context.  We offer a wide array of subjects and they often can be tailor-made to fit the local situation.  The 3W Seminars also help build up connectivity, [...]

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Upcoming Schedule
May-September 2012

May 3-6th Beirut, Lebanon May 19th-20th 3W Seminar II: “Top 5 Mistakes Churches Make” Plovdiv, Bulgaria May 21-23rd Nis, Serbia May 25-May 28th, Budapest, Hungary June 8th-9th  Vero Beach, FL June 17th Church at the Crossing, Indianapolis, IN June 22nd-27th North American Convention, Anderson, IN July 4th-July 8th Ukraine Church of God Convention, Ukraine July [...]

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