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Sermon Series: Red Letters

Someone left a comment on the blog asking about our current sermon series through Revelation 2 and 3 covering the seven letters to the seven churches, and what commentaries I am finding helpful. First, I would say if you’re looking for suggestions it’s always a good idea to check out Ligonier’s Top Five Commentaries recommendations [...]

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Ruth: Pain, Purpose, and Providence

This Sunday at Redeemer we kick off a new series through the book of Ruth. If you are looking for some good supplemental reading I highly recommend A Sweet and Bitter Providence, by John Piper. I typically use a mix of critical and theological commentaries in my study. For Ruth my top three are: The [...]

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Gospel Formation (Sermon Series)

Tomorrow we kick off a new sermon series at Redeemer Fellowship called, “Gospel Formation: Growing in the Grace of Godliness.” I’m always looking forward to our next series, so once agan – I am excited about this! We’ll be in 1 Timothy for about 19 weeks. Throughout every sermon series we promote certain books, we [...]

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New Sermon Series: Jude

This coming Sunday we kick off our Fall sermon series that will take us through the book of Jude. Jude calls Christians to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints,” which means there is no room for spiritual pacifism in the Christian life. This requires men and women to [...]

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The Virgin Birth

This summer at Redeemer Fellowship I’m preaching thematically through The Apostles’ Creed in a series called “I Believe.” Each Sunday we focus on a particular doctrine taught in the creed and a corresponding passage of Scripture. This coming sunday we’re covering the virgin birth. “Jesus Christ… Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the [...]

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We kick off a new sermon series this Sunday: Paradoxology: The Glory of the Gospel in the Difficult Sayings of Jesus. Paradoxology is a word used by many in different ways (christian and non), but in our case we are speaking of the words of Jesus that are often paradoxical and yet reveal the glory [...]

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Sermon Series: The Supremacy of Christ

This coming Sunday I begin a new sermon series that will take our people through the book of Hebrews called, “The Supremacy of Christ.” I’ll be sharing helpful books and resources throughout the series, but for now I’ll throw out just two of the resources (commentaries) I’ve been using and will continue to use for [...]

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