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Prayer is…

“Prayer is an earnest and familiar talking with God, to whom we declare our miseries, whose support and help we implore and desire in our adversities, and whom we laud and praise for our benefits received.” – John Knox, Treatise on Prayer “Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the heart or soul [...]

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Rhythms of Grace

I love the church, and I love when we gather for corporate worship. Since my conversion over 20 years ago I have always been eager to “go to church” on the Lord’s Day. I have always found gathering for worship to be one of the sweetest graces God has given us. So, when it comes [...]

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Deliverance by Trouble

“Though God deliver us not out of trouble, yet he delivers us from its evil; from despair, by supporting our spirits: nay, he delivers by trouble, for he sanctifies trials to cure the soul, and by little troubles he delivers us from those that are much greater and eternal.” – Richard Sibbes

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Leadership Quarterly at CC

I’ve been looking forward to speaking at the Christ Community’s “Leadership Quarterly” in Champaign, IL this Saturday. Christ Community is a young, strong, and growing church–and I am thrilled to encourage the leadership this weekend. I just noticed that they modified their LQ graphic for my visit. I think it’s brilliant! I’ll be speaking on [...]

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The Cup and the Crucifixion

My friend Odd Thomas, of Beautiful Eulogy, has created a video for his spoken word piece created for his church. It’s great for a Good Friday (or every day) reflection. I am very thankful for the Humble Beast label and their artists.

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Tattoos: Advice

Introduction | Tattoos & The Bible 1 | Tattoos & the Bible 2 | Don’t Do It | Advice OK, so you are set on getting a tattoo. No one is talking you out of it. (Are you really sure you want to do this?) I have talked people out of getting ink, and I have taken people to get their first. My [...]

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