Quick Review: Happy Feet

Directors: George Miller and Warren Coleman
Viewed: July 3, 2008
Format: DVD - Warner Brothers (2007)

C - As far as children’s movies go, this is fuzzy, happy entertainment. It’s mildly entertaining (despite the presence of Robin Williams), and, dare I say, cute. The goofy environmental message at the end seemed muddled and misplaced, and that the film’s greatest flaw. I think the filmmakers got greedy, and instead of stopping at an entertaining fable about a penguin who didn’t fit in, tried to make a movie about a penguin who saves the planet. It seemed a bit much to me. However, if the idea of penguins singing pop songs and tap-dancing makes you giggle even a little, see this movie. It’s certainly worth the rental price. Story aside, the animation is gorgeous and impressive, and the wildlife represented is not anthropomorphized. Penguins look like penguins, and sea birds look like sea birds, rather than cutesy, almost-human winged creatures. It was less painful than most kid’s movies, and that’s saying something. Recommended for the very young or the curious.

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