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What I do

Through motivational interviewing and counseling, we work together to make your nutrition habits and weight changes sustainable. During your initial consultation and assessment we’ll discuss your nutrition goals, find a roadmap to get you there, and put you in the driver’s seat. Throughout our sessions you have access to speciality handouts, tip sheets, recipes and even videos to help you along the way.


I work from a ‘no food police’ perspective and believe that occasional and moderated indulgences can be worked into a balanced life. It’s not about calories or depriving your body. And it’s definitely not about saying goodbye to your favorite foods. As a Registered Dietitian I help personalize methods with a focus on convenience through technology, to improve your health. We’ll create a signature plan for YOU.




    Fad diets are so out of style. Wouldn’t you like to lose weight and maintain your healthy status without dieting? Feel like you don’t have the time to make head to an appointment? I use technology to fit nutrition coaching into your schedule throughout the day.


    Brides deserve to look their best for the big day... Unfortunately, I hear women talking about the extreme dieting measures they take to get there. Just because you’re engaged it doesn’t mean you have to shun your favorite foods! I work with brides to get gorgeous and healthy before they walk down the aisle.


    Do you need help getting the word out about your product? As a RD I can help translate the science behind your products benefits in a consumer-friendly way, but as a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant, I can show consumers stylish and creative way to use your product.


    Reading and writing are similar in that they both raise the question: who wants dry and bland? With years of blogging and print contributions for a variety of audiences, I can help transform the latest food or diet trends and nutrition research into entertaining pieces your audience will devour.