Feb 2008
Installing Zune software on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (x86)

Update (March 27): Guide link repaired. 

Zune logoShortly after announcing my boredom, via Windows Live Messenger’s personal status message feature, I received an interesting request from Ryan Hoffman. He wanted to get the Zune software installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

After some research and digging around, I successfully installed and used the software on a virtualized production server. I put together an installation guide and threw it into the hacks section for those interested in repeating my success.

Anyone want to send me a Zune to conduct more testing?

  • http://extended64.com Ryan Hoffman


  • http://www.hardwaregeeks.com AlphaAlien

    wait, I thought all the zunes were in secret land fills in nevada by now

  • http://conhopper.net Bryant

    Mine hasn’t gone to a landfill. I don’t plan on sending it there either; it rocks :P

  • http://APlaceForMom.com Lloyd

    I don’t see the install guide anywhere, tried all links I found on these pages….nada. Am I missing something?

  • Bryan

    The link for this seems to be circular? I cannot find the hack anywhere on this site either.

  • Rafael

    Sorry, I screwed up. I fixed the link in the article.

  • http://ninocentral.com Matias Nino

    Nice job.

    Now if you can get the Windows Live software (specifically Windows Live Gallery) to work on Server 2003/2008, you will be officially made a deity. :)


  • http://ninocentral.com Matias Nino

    Well, looks like I figured out how to get Windows Live running on Server 2003/2008/XP64.
    1) Download your Windows Live software of choice onto a legal computer (XP, etc)
    2) Go into explorer and remove the option to hide protected operating system files
    3) browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller\MsiSources
    4) copy the MSI files to the 2003/2008/xp64 computer and run them.
    5) Presto!

  • Rafael

    Can I still be made a deity?

  • Mike

    I have Server 2003 x64 bit so veryfew of the links for this don’t install and I can’t find anything else but this. Can you do some for us with the 64 bit version?

  • http://derek.theblog.ca Derek

    For those who are interested, I put together a guide (with the help of this site) on getting wireless sync working with Windows Server 2003.


  • Rob

    Anyone install this and get wireless sync to work? I followed the instructions and had a successful install. I also found that the upnp and ssdpsrv services were non existant. UPNP is a dependant service of the zune services. So I found some guies that explained how to install these services on 2003. The services have been installed and are able to start but I still can’t connect over wifi for syncing. That was the whole point of having this on the server. If anyone has goten this to work I would love to hear from you.



  • Rob

    Guess I should have read the last post huh? Sorry, Long day.

  • Rajusir_123

    how to install zune software into window 2003?

  • qz23

    I have installed it but the device phone is not detected. Is there any manual driver update for this?
    Thanks :)