Jan 2008
Official: Vista Plus! Pack release date is mumbo jumbo

Proposed Windows Vista Plus Pack boxshotThe blogosphere is abuzz today with news about Microsoft “reviving” the Plus! package label, based on a product box shot posted this morning on Canadian retailer Future Shop’s website (removed shortly after the story broke). According to the site, it is planned for release on February 15th.

Given retailers are often incorrect with dates, I felt obliged to get the scoop on this straight from the horse’s mouth. A representative at Mumbo Jumbo stated:

Currently, MumboJumbo and Microsoft have discussed compiling a game-specific plus pack, but we have not finalized content or release date. This is still very much in the infancy stage, and we do not have any hard information to disseminate.

What concerns me here is the use of “game-specific”, alluding to the fact that Plus! pack’s content will not contain the gizmos and goodies we grew up loving like the Internet Jumpstart Kit, organic art screen-saver, and McAfee virus scan subscriptions.

Oh well, back to playing Chuzzle on my Tablet PC.