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Dirty Duo 2013


It was a beautiful weekend for racing. …Continue reading »

6th Annual - Auction the Trainer - April 5th


Friday April 5th is the date of our 6th annual charity and client appreciation event.  As usual the evening promises some fantastic auction prizes, a few drinks, some pay back for your favorite trainer, and a whole lot of fun.  We will be supporting Athletics for Kids again this year.  Thanks to your generosity we have been able to donate over $30,000 to various charities over the past 5 years. …Continue reading »

Horkoff’s Hammer Time


Al has put together a killer KB (Kettle Bell) circuit for you to try.  This is not for the faint of heart.  Please ensure you are doing the exercises with proper technique.  If you need help come down and see us… …Continue reading »

GWA Looking to Hire!


GWA Calorie Blast


Want to try a dynamite at home workout?  GWA Calorie Blast was created for you by the trainers at Groundwork Athletics.  You’ll have to excuse the video as we aren’t professional videographers, but I guarantee this workout will make you sweat.  All you need is a bit of space and a set of dumbbells.  …Continue reading »

Burton Hut Snowshoe Hike


This past weekend myself (Troy) and four friends (Kyle, Tim, Alsi, Klyner) went on a snowshoe adventure into Garabaldi Lake between Squamish and Whistler.  What a time, below is my account with tons of photo’s and captions!

Friday 5:15 am–Wake up.  Well that stings when you usually roll out of bed at 9am.  I had to get up and at it to take care of a few finishing touches and fuel up for a long day.  Kyle arrived, as he promised, at 6:07 am.  Two more guys to pick up and away we go.

…Continue reading »

Goal Setting – it really does work!


It is definitely that time of year again. If you are planning on setting health and fitness goals January seems to be the time to start. Seeing as the Mayan’s were wrong and the world didn’t end along with 2012, I can’t believe that there are any reasonable excuses left for not setting some health/fitness goals.

Goal setting is an extremely powerful tool that I have personally found to be very effective in both business and in my personal health and fitness. In order to be effective however the goals you set need a degree of thought and must avoid certain pitfalls. …Continue reading »

Keeping off the Holiday Pounds GWA Style


Here we go again, another holiday season. If you are anything like me your social calendar is really starting to fill up. With dinners every other night, parties, lunch events, all involving food and all typically involving alcohol, how can anyone possibly avoid gaining weight over the holidays? Well that’s where I’d like to help. Keep reading for some good information and informative tips on how to keep off the extra holiday pounds. …Continue reading »

GWA Christmas Gift Idea’s


Christmas time is always fun with family and friends and food and drinks and GIFTS. We definitely go overboard with the gift giving portion so much in North America— I personally think that we should only receive gifts that are our ‘needs’ not ‘wants’. Why not make a list of 2-10 needs only??? Receiving something practical trumps getting something that might be cool initially, but in the long run not needed, nor wanted. That being said if fitness is on someone’s ‘needs’ list you know we have a number of GWA Christmas Specials. See below and contact us today!

…Continue reading »

New York Marathon: easiest run ever…


What can I say about the NY Marathon?  Not much actually…If you didn’t hear they cancelled the race late Friday evening after assuring all the participants up to the early afternoon that day that the race was on.  What do you do but make the best out of it, so can anyone say “Giants vs. Steelers” …Continue reading »

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