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Excited to see this mention of Will Henshall’s (London Beat fame) new digital music service Focus@Will in today’s Digital Music News.  The only thing missing from that article is the mention that Naxos is the exclusive provider of the carefully selected Classical Music utilized to help people concentrate using his service.  This was one of those really fun out-of-the-box deals to do.  I am so pleased to see it coming to fruition now!


For more on the article: Digital Music News


For more on the music and how to get your hands on it: NaxosLicensing

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To Stream or Not To Stream

Being in the middle of negotiations regarding streaming VS physical goods on a constant basis makes this subject especially near and dear to my heart.  Til the end of time, the old guard will debate the relevance of streaming and the fact that it “killed the music industry” along with piracy… there is some truth to the statement re: piracy.  However, the music industry killed the music industry.  We weren’t murdered.  We committed suicide.  Failure to adjust to the moving target which is our business is our own fault.  Business decisions should not be dictated by fear… but weighed and dictated by optimism.


Simple fact.  Customers consume music in a variety of ways.  Some stream, some own.  To not engage those customers due to a fear of cannibalizing another income stream is short-sighted.  Streaming services pay… but so does Sound Exchange and the other PRO’s.  In a a big way.  Revenues will be offset by other streams of income and at the end of the day the companies who realize this will be the ones left standing.  The ones who fail to embrace it will go the way of Eastman Kodak, Gateway, Betamax and the Polaroid camera.


Below is a link to NARM and’s new infographic on streaming.  This gives some good insight into the affect streaming has on No. 1 hits.  The results albeit not scientific are pretty telling…


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The Future of Digital (via Business Insider)

This fascinating slide deck was sent over to me by my colleague Marc Krejci (follow him- seriously).

Some very good insights about where we came from and where we appear to be going.  Notable takeaways:  Digital is now 20 years old!, Growth in the US smartphone market is waining, while Asia is exploding, Digital content revenue is through the roof (Glen Beck TV earned over 12 Million in 2011 <throws up in mouth>), Google is outpacing all Newspaper and Ad revenue, Digital will dominate media in a 4 (or 5) screen world.

Some nice quotes in this as well.

“As habits change… the money follows”

“Google is like advertising at a store.  Facebook is like advertising at a party” (ouch)


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For those considering a career in the Music Industry…

Below you will find an informative link to the 2012 Berklee Music Careers in Dollars and Cents report.  This is a decent generalization of the amounts of money one can expect working in the business…  Being that Berklee is so performance-oriented, I feel that they spend a ton of energy on the performing aspects of the industry and glance over the business side of things.  Additionally, they leave out the ancillary music services that are integral to our business… It’d be great to see the PRO’s, unions, placement companies, and other tertiary music services included…

Without further adieau…

TED- the infographic

TED Talks Infographic

Another great info-graphic from Peter over at

whosampledlogo (kickass web-app of the week) is a super-cool database of current pop/hip-hop/electronic hits and the samples used within them.  The page is incredibly simple although the main page is a bit of a vomit of information…  It isnt what I would call a clean interface, but it is a really neat site for the musically curious.  This all via the web, or their IOS apps.  Not only does it tell you what your favorite pop-star sampled, but it tells you when in the song the sample occurs and also include a youtube link to the music that was sampled…  It is pretty freakin sweet.

Aside from the geekery of this, it also could drive sales of both the original tune sampled and the newer sample-filled work via the pass-thru links to itunes and Amazon… really the simplicity of it is pretty attractive to me and like I said, other music geeks will agree that this is a fun toy err…. I mean tool.  Additionally, it won the EMI innovation Challenge this week… so apparently, I’m not the only person who thinks it is cool.


“I’m a Music Industry CEO. And This Is Why I Tossed Your Resume Into the Trash…”

The Following is from  I am simul-posting it here for two reasons… 1.  It’s a NASHVILLE music distribution position… and 2. His pet peeves with resumes are the same as my pet peeves with resumes.

If you’re going for the gig folks… know what the gig is and do your research!

“I’m a Music Industry CEO. And This Is Why I Tossed Your Resume Into the Trash…

The following comes from Lee Parsons, cofounder and CEO of digital distributor Ditto Music.  He recently posted this position online, and has now compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for landing an interview (and ultimately, a job).
“I am CEO of Ditto Music, a digital distribution company. Recently we advertised for a customer services / marketing rep at our Nashville office…
I had to work through hundreds of applications so the smallest mistake was enough to make me hit that delete button, and there were some shockers.  Here are my top 20 tips on keeping your Resume out of the recycle bin and landing that interview.
1. Do be Specific.
If you want to work in music because you think it will be “fun” then you should speak to my CTO who can spend 10 hours a day checking spreadsheets. There are many areas of the industry, decide which one you want to work in and save yourself some time.
2. Don’t tell me ‘I have wanted to work in music since first picking up a guitar.’
Or ‘music is my passion.’ This makes no sense. Do you want to be a musician or do you want to work in the music industry?
3. Do as much research as possible.
Mike in our support team found out what bands his interviewer was into and was able to find common ground instantly.
4. Don’t swear.
The word ‘A-hole’ counts as swearing. If you use this term then you will sound like an A hole.
5. Do include a great title in your email application.
A lot of people forget or just put ‘application.’ Take this opportunity to spark our interest.
6. Don’t name your file ‘My CV’
By the time I have 30 CVs on my desktop named this I have no chance of knowing who is who. Put your name in the file name. Lee Parsons.CV would be fine.
7. Do use PDF files over word files.
These are guaranteed to open on all systems.
8. Don’t think that you can avoid sending a CV by sending a photo.
Yes you are very attractive, but that is not going to be enough to get you an interview. I could write another blog on how bad this application was.
9. Do research our competitors.
We want to know you understand the market.
10. Don’t tell me that you need a 9-5 while you work on your music career.
11. Do mention that you love my company.
Even if you don’t.
12. Don’t, under any circumstances, tell me that you don’t understand what we do but are willing to learn.
It takes 30 seconds to read up on our company.
13. Do keep up-to-date with music industry related blogs, as well as writing your own.
14. Don’t do Liam Neeson impressions via email.
This happened.
15. Do learn about SEO/social media, etc.
Whether you are going for a job as a label rep or a care salesman, a solid understand of marketing will show that you are here to build your clients business.
16. Don’t write and send your cover letter via your iPhone.
I want to think you made the effort to sit down at your computer and write it out. This tells me you probably wrote this on the bus to work this morning.
17. Do keep your Twitter updated.
It’s one of the first things I can check to get an insight into who you are.
18. Don’t try and be too edgy (swearing / Liam Neeson impressions).
Some things don’t translate well over email so be careful.
19. Do mention your experience.
If you don’t have any then seek out internships.  An internship at a major label will mostly involve you making tea.  Pick an exciting startup or label and get as involved as much as possible.
20. Don’t just look online for jobs.
Go to all networking events in your region. 80% of my friends who own companies ended up employing someone they were recommended through someone else.
My job application is still open. If you think you have what it takes and have read this thoroughly, we’d love to hear from you.
- Lee”
Full Post and many other great articles at Digital Music News

Product Review: NuForce uDac-2 (USB DAC)

Not very often am I inspired to write a product review, but I am quite smitten with my latest (and least expensive) audio purchase.  The NuForce uDac-2 is a “high-performance, Headphone Amp and 24bit/96kHz USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC) that connects your personal computer’s audio to your home stereo, desktop sound system, or headphones to deliver superior sound. It improves upon our original uDAC model by providing a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels, a 24bit/96kHz USB DAC, and an improved headphone amp.”  In English-  This is the most affordable, best performing USB powere Dac on the market IMHO.

I started looking around for a reliable, affordable DAC a few months back as I was dissatisfied with the sound output of my MacBook Pro.  I had an 1/8 inch to RCA adapter running to my office stereo system and it simply was not cutting the mustard.  As I looked around the web, I encountered many different brands and devices… some big, some small.  All of my research kept bringing me back to NuForce.  So I figured for $120 I’d give it a try.

Upon receiving my unassuming package, I opened it and quickly began moving cords around to account for my new toy.  Before I completely had everything ran perfectly, I did take the time to do some A-B testing between my previous setup and the NuForce.  All I can say is WOW!  The highs were crisper, the lows more complete and the overall sound just opened up wide.  I used the same sample material (a Loss-less Tom Petty album) and even invited colleagues into my office to listen.  All agreed, the NuForce uDac was a winner!

My only gripes (very minor) are that it is only USB Powered.  In my research, I found the higher priced/performing DACs to all have their own power supply.  I wander what the addition of direct power would do to the performance of this unit.  also, the 24 bit resolution and 96kHz sampling rate is not on par with other high-dollar “lossless” 24/196 units, but than again neither is the price.  For the simple fact that the vast majority of my digital music is MP3 and not lossless, I didnt find this to be a hinderance on my purchase. All I can say of the uDac is for the money… and for an entry-level DAC, it is heads above the rest.  I sincerely recommend this to any and all music lovers as an entry into Digital Audio Convertors.

Available in a variety of models and colors:

Note the size comparison… this thing is TINY:

Kickstarter- broken down.

Kickstarter Infographic

Check out the good folks over at for more great info like this


A2IM Nashville Licensing Day

The first ever A2IM (American Association of Independent Music) licensing day happened here in Twang-town last Tuesday, September 11 at 3rd and Lindsley.  By all accounts the event was a great success and a fantastic first step to bringing the Nashville creative licensing community closer.  Attendees came from as far as Indiana and Georgia representing the lion’s share of the fantastic Indy Labels and publishers in the Nashville/mid-south area.  Panels were split into two topics: Film and TV Licensing and Advertising and Branding.  Both panels were chock full of great talent from the local and surrounding communities.  Below are a breakdown of panels/panelists as well as a few pics from the event.  We will be re-establishing the quarterly “Syncs and Drinks” licensing happy hours with the help of A2IM.  Local creatives, look for your invites in your inbox coming soon!!!

Special shout-out to our sponsors Synchtank and Naxos <ahem>

Film/TV Panel:

Moderator: Stacy Widelitz


- Melissa Lynn Love, Songfinder - twitter

- David Hirshland, BMG Chrysalis

- Gill Holland, sonaBLAST! records/producer on over 70 films & documentaries

- Carter Little, music supervisor twitter

Branding and Advertising Licensing Panel:

Moderator: Jim Scherer, Whizbang


- Aaron Mercer- Wool and Tusk

- Larry Stessel- The Revolver Marketing Group

- Wayne Milligan, Big Machine

- Kathy Olen, President, Atticus Brand Partners

About A2IM