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January 2, 2011 — 25 Comments

right after russ & i decided to proceed with adoption, i drove down to new braunfels for a cousin’s bridal shower. on my way, i prayed for God to give me something – anything – to cling to during the process of paperwork and waiting. without any hesitation, a word latched on to my heart and wouldn’t let go.


tears came to my eyes as i thought about the beauty behind the word. the thought of debts being paid and celebration and fresh starts…it was perfect.

i told my two sisters that day. i told them we started the process the night before and how i prayed on the way to the house about what God wanted us to focus on and how he gave me the word jubilee. one of my sisters looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “oh elora. it’s the year of jubilee. it’s your year of jubilee.”

adoption has always carried a tremendous piece of our hearts. particularly because of the realization of our own adoption – how Christ came and found us, orphaned and alone – dirty and left out – and still loved us. it’s an incredible picture of grace in the midst of hopelessness. and what’s more beautiful: once we accept this completely free gift of adoption as sons & daughters of Christ, we owe nothing.

the debt has already been paid.

so, when my friend alece mentioned she was doing her one word for 2011 and invited us to do the same, i immediately knew what mine was going to be – there was no other choice, really.


i’m hanging on to this word for all it’s worth this year.

this morning, i was reminded of the price of jubilee during worship. as i stood singing Jesus paid it all, tears flowed down my cheeks when i realized the significance.

oh praise the One who paid my debt
and raised this heart up from the dead.

this year, i aim to focus on His jubilee: through our process of adopting from Ethiopia and through experiencing more of his grace in my own life.

what’s your one word for 2011?

In short, the Spirit is upon me to declare that now is the time; this is the jubilee season of the Eternal One’s grace. [Luke 4]

  • Prudence

    i love that your Word encompasses more than just the adoption. it’s a way of life.

    • eloranicole

      i think if i had it any other way it wouldn’t work. it’s funny how i started out with this word really tying itself just to the adoption. but lately? everything around me points to this freedom – this celebration of our life in Christ. i can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings.

  • alece

    oh i love this, elora! i love how God planted this word down in your heart… how He’s revealing more of His character and His overwhelming love for you through the process of adoption…

    jubilee… freedom. release. forgiveness. love.

    so excited for you and this whole season your’e in. i can’t wait to watch the pages of your story turn… i can’t wait to journey with you.

    • eloranicole

      i love that you included “freedom” & “release” in the definition of jubilee. two very specific things i’ve been praying for recently.

      …glad you’re walking the journey with us. love you.

  • Katy

    mmmm, what a word!! i love it and can’t wait to see how this year goes beyond what you even expect!

    • eloranicole

      amen, friend. i can’t wait either.

  • Melissa

    jubilee is a great word!

    My word for 2011 is Beloved.

    • eloranicole

      ooh. beloved. beautiful. :)

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  • patricia

    i think yours is my favoritest one word so far =] jubiliee. I LOVE IT!

    • eloranicole

      thanks, girl :)

  • Nancy Cornwell

    After a difficult 2010 that included job loss that temporarily put our adoption on hold, my word for 2011 is: HOPE.

    Psalm 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.

    Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

    • eloranicole

      hope. i love it.

  • JuliaKate

    tug tug tug… tugging on my heart. orphans and our debt paid… i’m about to fall apart! ;) thank you for the reminder that it’s been paid in full and we are under His sweet keeping.

    • eloranicole

      imagine how i’ve been trying to keep it all together! God has definitely shown me His faithfulness…

  • Josh

    Jubilee: what a word! Love it. Also loving your blog. Can’t wait to read…

    • eloranicole

      thanks for commenting, josh! looking forward to this one word community…

  • Tracie

    I love this word that God picked for you. JUBILEE!! It is so precious and has so much meaning….some of which is still hidden, but will be revealed to you as the year continues. That is awesome.

    My One Word is – COURAGE

    • eloranicole

      thank you so much, tracie! and i agree…this word has so much meaning, and time will really reveal just how significant jubilee is to my year. i can’t wait to look back a year from now to see how i’ve grown – how He’s molded me into who He wants me to be for His kingdom.

  • Christy


    Absolutely LOVE your word. It brings to mind some beautiful things. (and a song…haha!)

    Your words on the price of jubilee pierced my heart.

    (also your Aslan’s Claws post is powerful. I was moved by it.)

  • Sharkbait

    Nice word.

    And I LOVE “i’m hanging on to this word for all it’s worth this year.”

    • eloranicole

      thanks. :)

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