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The Best of Disneyland Locals

Having a Disneyland pass for over a decade, I think I’ve seen every angle of the park, read every “secret” Disneyland trivia, and taken every photo I can think of in the park. Every once in awhile, I’ll come across something that has a new eye for the mouse ears, sometimes a photo or a blog…

On Instagram I discovered whereiskirstie. Her photos are beautifully filtered and she captures Walt’s vision in a 4×4 photo.

All photos belong to @whereiskirstie

For a blog, there are thousands of Disneyland blogs, but I always catch up with My Year With the Mouse, from writer Shelby Hogan. Not only do I know Shelby from being my neighbor (yep, what are the chances another blogger would be my neighbor?!), but she blogs about things I didn’t even know of the park. Catch up on secrets, tips and tricks with her.

I’d love to discover more of the park, even years later. If you’re an avid Disneyland fan or just love to follow up on Mickey news, do you have favorites you want to share? I’d love to know.

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Locals Only; Barbeer Shop

Barbeer is barber shop that soon will be serving beer (it’s in the process of getting the alcohol license). It is a barber shop + bar, but it’s also a nostalgia shop. When I walked in, I couldn’t help but think of Don Draper hanging out in a place like this. It’s targeted towards guys with an old school barber flair- it uses straight razors, a high quality pomade, blasts Johnny Cash from the speakers, and smells of freshly cut dudes. One complaint from my husband getting his hair cut at my salon was it was overpriced, and he just felt out of place. Barbeer is close to home, and it’s exactly what he was looking for.
Barbeer Shop

Barbeer Shop

It’s professional, clean and there are two men’s stores connected to the shop. Get your hair cut, grab your coffee, and then pick up a couple shirts all on Center Street Promenade in Anaheim. It is directed for men, but women aren’t turned away but they are limited. The barbers employed have their State Board license for barbering and not cosmetology, so if you’re a woman looking for a new stylist, this isn’t for you. However, if you want a clean bang trim, this is a great place to check out. If you want a hip new place for your man to clean up well, bring him here.
Barbeer Shop

Barbeer Shop

I only met two barbers- Kevin and Luis. They’re polite, make you feel comfortable, and they take their craft seriously and it shows. My husband came out shiny and clean.
Barbeer Shop

Barbeer Shop

More pics on Facebook and Flickr.

Barbeer Shop
165 Center St. Promenade
Anaheim, California 92805

Locals Only is a series on our.city.lights blog highlighting Anaheim and surrounding areas in the OC.

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Locals Only; 118 Degrees

I live in an area where Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and any other popular “coffee shop” type place are accessible in less than a few minutes. I like coffee as much as the next person and I’ve been greeted by familiar baristas, but I’ve never experienced that coffee house nostalgia. I look forward to seasonal Starbucks drinks but not enough to echo the tweets and Instagram photos I see of them. Then I went to 118 Degrees in Downtown Anaheim. It was an accidental order. I never intended to order the coffee with my lunch but it was amazing.

The Peruvian Coffee.- locally roasted organic coffee with raw cacao, lime and cayenne. 

It’s the most unexpected ingredients, lime and chili in coffee?? It works guys, trust me, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted.


Amazing enough to not bother wiping off the lipstick before I had it. I think Chelsea would be proud.

I finally have a favorite coffee, and the barista was perfect- chatty enough to make me comfortable but professional enough to let me know I’m a valued customer.

118 Degrees
185 W Center St
Anaheim, CA 92805

(btw, I’m slowly curating a “locals only” section. I have a lot of awesome readers from my area and I’d love to show you around my neighborhood.)

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When Anaheim comes to mind you think Disneyland, Angels baseball, No Doubt…and hipster and artists venue? Yep, The Lab and the Camp owners bought Center Street Promenade and The Packing House in Downtown Anaheim and are dropping anchor. Umami Burger, Anaheim Brewery, The Gypsy Den, and Home Eco:nomics are a few of the trendy shops either opened or confirmed for business by the end of 2012.

April Paul, manager of Home Eco:nomics, and I chatted up on the new shop and the future of Downtown Anaheim. I loved the way the store was set up- it has a boutique flair without being intimidating, it still has a handmade presence with uniquely chosen items from local artists and shops. It reminded me of Anthropologie without the corporate suits behind it.

April warmly welcomes you into the store and right away, it’s a place you visit and want to leave buying one of each item. From BAGGU to Pocketo, there are local artists to more popular brands we all love and are familiar with. She has an eye for the shop design since her last job was at Seed Market, another store driven by handmade artists.

The shop carries everything from kitchen goods, jewelry, and baby items, to Earth-friendly gadgets. I’m really happy to see the changes in historic Downtown Anaheim. I’ll admit it still had its charm even when it was a ghost town but with the new shops and Packing House, it’s going to save me a drive to South County, and support Anaheim.

Home Eco 1

Home Econ 2

Home Econ 4

Home Econ 5

Home Econ 6

If you’re not in the area, April will gladly ship out an item to you, check out the blog and Facebook page for more info.

Mention “ourcitylights” and receive 10% on your entire purchase, and trust me it will come in handy when you visit, you will not walk out empty handed. Be sure to bring your reusable totes!

The soft opening was March 28 but their grand opening will be May 12 with Anaheim’s Art Crawl. More info on this in the later weeks! To support more of Anaheim, check out Community as well.

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Welcome to the Weekend

Anaheim Blvd.


Downtown Anaheim

Downtown Anaheim

This Sunday is Downtown Anaheim’s second flea market. Most of the vendors from Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market will be there, so you’ll know it’ll be good! Here is more info and the Heirloomology page. If you’re in OC, stop by for great antique shopping. Come support local shopping!

What are you up to this weekend? Are there any local shops you love supporting?

Sunday is the only day I have filled with a relaxing stroll through Downtown but other than that, it’s work work work as usual. I’ll be taking breaks for scheduled blogging next week. Enjoy your weekend <3

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