6,768 Miles Apart {Disposable Edition}

“…something along the lines of bloggers making connections online but separated by time and space, so the project embodies two push-pull forces: connection and isolation, teamwork and independence, distilling two creative thought processes into a whole greater than its parts? Phwoar.”

This is what Ana B. emailed me in March 2009. I was thrilled she had faith in a blogger with barely 100 readers, and not much photo experience. Should I really explain what this has grown to?

We wanted to do something a little different. We’ve done the Polaroid Edition, and now we have the Disposable Camera edition, below. We have passed our one year birthday not just for this photo project but for a grown friendship.

Our very first post here. Happy Birthday to 6,768 Miles Apart.

Wait, what? You don’t know what 6,768 Miles Apart is? Read the intro below. You are in for a treat.

6,768 Miles Apart appears every fortnight.

Our pictures are no longer limited to the morning.
But our focus remains the same.
Read how it started here.

Look at the archives here and here.
We were featured here
We also love Naomi and Marie from
the transatlantic lens project 

Adeline and Astrid from Her – Der

Miles Collage 1

Miles Collage 2

Miles Collage 3

Miles Collage 4

Miles Collage 5

Miles Collage 6

Miles Collage 7

Miles Collage 8

Miles Collage 9

{my disposable camera didn’t fully develop. sad face}

Miles Apart 15

Miles Collage 10

Miles Collage 11

Miles Collage 12

Miles Collage 13

Miles Collage 14

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17 Responses to 6,768 Miles Apart {Disposable Edition}

  • ana b. says:

    OH! All those blanks on your side made me sad, Diana :( Anyway, man that was a pretentious email I wrote you back then. Hahahahaha. You're one fabulous lady. I'm toasting you with champagne right now.

  • Rhianne says:

    oh no, the blanks make me sad too. I love the other photos though – I have a secret love for disposable cameras after the photoswap!

  • Aw, happy anniversary to you and Ana! I think it's a wonderful project and the photos are beautiful.xo jenny

  • Maddy says:

    I love the inspiration behind this project! Sucks that your disposable camera didn't work :( I guess that's why we don't really use them anymore.

  • smalltown327 says:

    I love the thought of disposable cameras because it brings back the basics of photography. what do you see? what do you want to take a picture of? ur not worried about everyone else wants to look at. It's when you don't give a rat's… behind… that you come up with some of your favorite photos. keep doin what ur doin =)sincerely yours… a fellow photographer

  • lumikha says:

    such a cool project!!! :) sorry your pics didn't show up. btw, that cookie/flour jar is darling!!!

  • laynemarie says:

    Bummer those last shots didn't turn out. My favorite is the 4th pair–the sky and the ground! :) Also, have you seen this new-ish blog called 9626 Deventures? Similar idea to this. Found it in my Google Reader this morning via IndieFixx:http://indiefixx.com/2010/04/29/brisbane-to-brooklyn/

  • Ida Nielsen says:

    Happy anniversary!Too bad about the blanks, though I guess that's also one of the unpredictable 'joys' of film photography!

  • Love disposable cameras. In fact I just like the warmth and grain of film. But oh my, those first four are wonderful.

  • You make me want to pick up a camera! Gah, what I wouldn't give for your talent. :)

  • awww! i traded disposables with my best friend a couple of months ago … she still hasn't sent hers to me so i can have it developed! this is a good reminder. happy anniversary to your special project!

  • Line says:

    lovely! happy birthday to both :)

  • Rebecca says:

    Oh yay, a full year! These are pretty great for disposable – so sad you didn't get all of yours!Heh, thank you for that "embarrassingly long" comment – it was very helpful! No, I didn't agree with the article either. On the surface I thought I related, but then (especially after reading the ridiculous comments) I realized it was made me feel.. defensive. I didn't say it on my blog, but I do think I occasionally make very pretty things, and I would hate for anyone to get all sassy and jealous of me for it. I'm not jealous of great bloggers, but self-doubt does get me down every once in a while!

  • aDeLiNe says:

    Sad face but know what? I love every single thing about this project: the photos, the love and energy you put into it, the constant search for new stuff. And it makes happy every single a new edition of 6768 miles apart comes up.

  • Emily says:

    Wow, it's been a year already? Happy Birthday 6,768 Miles Apart!The idea for this edition is such a fun one. Disposable cameras have such a charming quality to them. The graininess and subdued colors of the developed film is always a welcome & pleasing sight in a simple kind of way. I'm sorry to see that half of yours didn't develop, but that doesn't take away from the greatness of your and Ana's project. Thank you for another visual feast.

  • darn sick photos you got. very good combination. i've read from some other blogs on disposable cam, i may have to think about that idea and try the magic of it.ANDWHATELSEISTHERESHOP

  • i love disposable cameras – i dont care what anyone says. i just love lo-fi

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