Handmade Writer {e-course from Bring Yourself} {CLOSED}

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If you know you have that voice inside you that has always been bugging you to write that novel, those better blog posts, that biography, that zine, those short stories, whatever it is that is itching to come out, then this giveaway is for you. The course is being taught by author Amy Spencer!

Amy Spencer’s books, DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture, and The Crafter Culture Handbook, have been in my Amazon cart for quite some time now. Of course, when she joined the Slow Readers Book Club, the name came to mind, but it didn’t click. When she emailed me asking about sponsorship, I was really excited to have an e-course, but with Scott being an author, I wanted to make sure this is something legit for my readers.

You guys, Amy Spencer is legit. I was a bit of a fan girl when I found out it was the Amy Spencer teaching the course. She is a published author of two awesome books (finally out of my Amazon cart and on their way here, btw), and she has a great website that helps writers find that voice wanting to come out.

The Handmade Writer e-course will help you gather together material from every source imaginable. You will learn about the craft of writing and how to sew these fragments together to build your own pieces of creative writing. The e-course has been inspired by the strength of craft communities as well as the impulse to transform everyday finds into something amazing.

Handmade Writer is structured as a virtual creative writing workshop. Over six weeks, you will be challenged, find exciting new ideas, develop your writing and begin to really see yourself as a writer.
Amy will set you a writing exercise at the beginning of each week, twice weekly creative challenges and keep you supplied with enough creative stimulus to keep your imagination buzzing.
At the heart of Handmade Writer is a private online community space. This is a private space where you can share your ideas and your writing and get valuable feedback from Amy herself and your fellow writers.
Amy is giving away one free registration sign up to a grateful reader. This course is worth $80, but the price is not about the course. It’s about your creative voice, and who better than to guide you.
How to enter-
leave your name, and email, letting me know why you benefit from the course.
For additional entries, fan Bring Yourself on Facebook and Twitter, just make sure to let me know in a separate entry or your comment will be counted once.
Say hello to Amy on her blog, and if you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won, buy the e-course here!
{PS- the winner for the Vivdot giveaway was Carol Anne! Thank you everyone for entering!}

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21 Responses to Handmade Writer {e-course from Bring Yourself} {CLOSED}

  • sigh... says:

    …the time for uncertainty is done. Do it now or don’t do it. Write and write and write some more. It’s not a risk, it’s a quest. Slay the dragon of indifference, defeat the fear. I need all the help I can get. Catajandcat[at]gmail.com

  • Classes make me do stuff. I haven't done much real writing since last summer, when I took a class. I need that motivation. =)

  • This contest is so my alley, it's scary. Not just because I fancy myself a writer, but because I teach writing to high school students. Hopefully the better I get at tapping my creative voice, the better I'll get at teaching them how to do the same. :) asimon78(at)aol(dot)com

  • Oh, and I am now following Bring Yourself on her Facebook, Twitter, and blog. Thanks so much for this giveaway! Even if I don't win, I'm happy to have discovered her.

  • laynemarie says:

    I've been thinking about signing up for Amy's class for weeks! I'm excited to see you giving it away and I really hope to win–I'm keeping my fingers crossed!I love writing, but am FAR from being a writer. I haven't written a blog in years and I stopped even personal journaling during a long-ish bout with depression. But lately my desire to create, write, and share is coming back. (And let me tell you, it feels amazing!)So as I said, I've been thinking about taking this class, but then heard about RVA's Tell Your Story art journaling class, which I'm also super interested in. I can't afford both at the same time, but I think they'd compliment each other so well and help to get me back into the swing of creating things and expressing myself.So hopefully I'll be taking both classes soon! :)

  • likeagiraffe says:

    I have a story that needs to get out. I've had an insistant story beating its wings against the inside of my chest for the last four years, and I'm just barely, barely scratching the surface. I have trouble committing to the ultimate strangeness of it–it seems easier to move forward in slow, measurable steps that go along with a three-act structure. But I miss the days when i used to pop open my laptop and just GO. When words meant freedom. Writing has turned from my greatest joy into a chore that frustrates and restricts me, it blocks my creativity instead of voicing it. So I would love, love to have the opportunity to take the online class. I'm Meghan.rantfox [at] gmail [dot] comI also added on facebook, and commented on Amy's blog (the post about being addicted to laptops)<3

  • LRW says:

    I would love to take this course to help me learn more about creative writing and also how to challenge myself in how I write. I sometimes find it difficult and would love to be more creative in how I write.

  • Wow – this course sounds great! I would benefit from this class because I have been wanting to write a book for some time now on how I dealt with my father's stroke. I consider myself a decent writer but I can definitely use a lot of help!-Carrierosalindrevival(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • stephanie says:

    i've never felt comfortable or confident with my writing abilities. i would love to learn more about creative writing and believe it would be such a helpful skill to support my artwork.stephanie.tama(a)yahoo(dot)com

  • Krislyn says:

    just stumbled upon your blog… fell in love with the title, the design and the content. i'm especially inspired by the incredible photography.

  • ami-lee says:

    Im now also a bring yourself facebook follower!

  • Rachel Nixon says:

    What a wonderful giveaway, the course looks amazing and right up my street. I'd love to give myself some time to write…checked out the course, looks fascinating….I've been looking after my disabled daughter for the last seven years (she has autism) and am just coming up for air with plenty of stories to tell…..:)rachelnixon at btinternet dot comxPS I already follow BringYourself on twitter and am about to go and check out FB

  • Tori says:

    I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and this sounds like a great opportunity; i love amy's blog and think she is an amazing writer. it would be wonderful to learn from someone so talented.toribowman{at}ymail{dot}com.

  • Kimmie says:

    I love writing but I feel that lately I have not had the opportunity to access my thoughts and ideas in a more creative way. Futher lately I have so much to share but when I try to write my mind seems blank! I have tried a number of different ways to get them out of my head, but honestly just am left with a few words on a page and disapointment. I would love to be a part of this writing experience and access what I feel is important to not only free myself of thinking about it, but in someway share and possibly inspire others with my writing.Amy is such an inspiration and I am a big fan on FB! explorationofmylife(at)gmail.com

  • Shelby Lou says:

    This would be the coolest thing! I really love to write, but I need to improve on my creativity. I love blogging, and I blog basically daily. I would really like to have something interesting for people to read. Plus getting a different view on your life through writing, is always a plus!shelbyloudelong@gmail.comShelby

  • Shelby Lou says:

    I added myself on her facebook and twitter! and I wrote on her blog!

  • That would actually be awesome. I've been thinking about what to do with my life and I really miss writing (more than the powerpoint slides I make at my job). Plus, it'd give me something to do other than wallow in the broken pieces of my post-breakup life!:)houstonienne(at)gmail.com

  • Martta says:

    Well, when I actually studied creative writing (in Finnish though!) I got more done and now I have regressed to my procrastination habits. bad habits! And, I think it would be a challenge to write creatively in English. I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and this would do the trick. Messy explanation, but this topic makes me emotional so better keep it short. Cheers!

  • Dee says:

    I've actually had an idea for a short story (fine, a book, but that's a bit too ambitious) for a while now, but I don't really know how to start figuring out how to write it.

  • Lisa says:

    Great giveaway! I have lots of ideas, but don't know how to put them together. As an actress, I would love to write plays, screenplays, pilots. I want to create my own work. Hope I win! Thanks for the heads up on another great blog.ladylisaw {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Amanda says:

    I sure hope it's not too late to enter. I've been scribbling in note pads for as long as I can remember, jotting down anything from quotes to full blown stories… but my dreams of being a writer have been left unfulfilled. It's not that I can't write, but I have this irrational fear that I won't be good enough because I haven't "studied" the art. This e-course would definitely help point me in the right (write, get it, haha) direction!

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