Other Writing

Here you’ll find a list of “other things” I’ve writ­ten — either book for­wards, arti­cles for mag­a­zines or con­tent for other blogs. It’s not exhaus­tive — just some of the best of or most inter­est­ing things I’ve been lucky enough to write at other places than this blog. I’ve also listed books where I was lucky enough to be a tech­ni­cal edi­tor for as well.

Python Mag­a­zine Articles

While Python Mag­a­zine was short-lived, I was very lucky to act as a con­tent editor/technical reviewer and also write some arti­cles I’m pretty proud of. Since the mag­a­zine is defunct, but they gave me license to repub­lish the arti­cles here, these are links to the repub­lished articles.

Book Con­tri­bu­tions

I’ve been lucky to be involved in a few books — either as an tech­ni­cal reviewer, or in the case of two books — I was hon­ored and lucky to write the fore­ward to them.

Other Blogs

I’ve writ­ten a bit “else­where” — here’s a small col­lec­tion of posts from other places: