ChangeAgents is a collaborating company. We have a knack for building brands that are authentic & human.

When you work with us, you get a lot more than a fresh coat of paint.

You’ll get a team of ChangeAgents hungry to help you change the game – so you can grow customers and become the champion of your sector.

Always working from the inside-out, we dig deep to help you get to the heart of what makes your organisation different & unique. Together – we’ll also figure out what this means to the people you need to reach.

Once we’ve cracked your code, we’ll help you develop your very own Brand BluePrint. This will lay down a strong visual foundation & clear voice so you can best communicate your brand everywhere.  This is far more than design of a logo… this is the  ”glue and guiding principles” that will shape behaviours & interactions of your brand from now into the future.

Moving to the next milestone, we help you bring your brand to life in a way that energises staff and excites customers.

At ChangeAgents we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Each project is custom-designed – crafted in a way that will get your brand noticed, remembered, actioned upon & loved.

We want more than projects. Our ideal clients are people who want collaborators with an on-going commitment to continuous change – continuous improvement.

So if you’d like to change the way you do your marketing, get in touch with us.  We’ll meet you. We’ll take you through a human approach that builds a community around your brand.

Together we will grow your business, profits, loyalty & your ability to move on to your next opportunity…


And now for something completely different…

Pics from CorkInnovates

You probably don’t feel you could use our services now – maybe you’ll never feel you need us.  But you might be curious – you might be intrigued – you might have a bit of suspicion that we could be useful to someone you know.  You might want to check us out. Or you might feel like helping us – suggesting something – challenging something… You might be a change agent who simply wants to link with other change agents.

Now.  Right now (or later if you like) – give us a shout on Twitter @changeagents_  onFacebook







Photo courtesy of Roger Overall, documentary photographer.