7th Son: Descent – Episode 1

7th Son: Descent coverWelcome to the debut episode of the serialized audiobook of 7th Son: Descent. Originally released as a “podcast only” novel in 2006, this is a completely new recording of the final manuscript, to celebrate 7th Son: Descent’s Oct. 27 print debut. This is the first of 10 weekly installments, and represents a reboot of the 7th Son series.

7th Son: Descent is available for purchase now. Learn how you can support the novel’s print release at this page.

Synopsis: As America reels from the bizarre presidential assassination committed by a child, seven men are abducted from their normal lives and delivered to a secret government facility. Each man has his own career, his own specialty … and all are identical in appearance.

Chatter: J.C. welcomes new friends and old to the 7th Son experience, and explains the unique multi-site “distribution partner” program for the serialized release of 7th Son: Descent. The book will be serialized in several formats across several sites during Descent’s 10-week run.

J.C. also provides some history about podcast fiction, and the original 7th Son trilogy. He promises future episodes will be shorter with the chatter!

7th Son: Descent’s anthem is “Descent” by Celldweller. Learn more about the band at Celldweller.com.

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  1. Mike January 5, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    One of those books that leap from character to character, telling you something about each one. I’ve just started listening, but I’ve never been one to like that kind of leaping around. Others do: good for them. I hate switching gears all the time, remembering which character is which, and looking for someone to be interested in. I’m too lazy to want to work that hard.

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