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What is a podcast? And what is “podcast fiction?”

What is a podcast?
Podcasts are free audio and video files that can be automatically downloaded to your computer, thanks to a technology called RSS.

RSS connects audiences and content creators in an innovative and worry-free way. Using a computer program called a “podcatcher” (iTunes being the most popular), you can subscribe, for free, to episodic video and audio programs like the 7th Son trilogy. Downloading this content is easy, requiring a few mouseclicks.

This free content is stored on your PC, and you can experience it any way — and at any time — you wish: at your computer, on an MP3 player … you can also burn it to a CD. Better still, new content will automatcially download to your PC when the author releases it.

iTunes is J.C. Hutchins’ “podcatcher” of choice due to its ease of use. Download it here, and read on to learn more about podcast fiction.

What is podcast fiction?
If you’re familiar with audiobooks and the serialized radio plays of the 1950s, you’re already in the know. Podcast novels are free serialized audiobooks, recorded and released by their authors. Novel episodes are often released once a week; each episode features a chapter or two. The website features more than 200 such novels.

J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son trilogy was also released in this way. The series — and an innovative spinoff short story anthology called 7th Son: OBSIDIAN — is complete, and available for immediate download. Learn more about 7th Son, and how it became the most popular podcast novel series in history, by visiting this page. Or start downloading 7th Son: Book One – Descent now by clicking here.

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