An Intimate Ceremony Returns Micah’s Ashes To Boulder Trails

Maria Walton (Photo : Jeremy Papasso)

Last Friday, 20 close friends and members of the Mas Loco family reunited with Maria Walton at Chautauqua in Boulder to pay homage to Micah True and return his ashes to his beloved mountain trails.

He now roams free, carried by the winds over the Enchanted Mesa trail.

Boulder reporter Michael Sandrock attended the ceremony and reported in the Daily Camera.


Zach Bergen’s Song | A Tribute to Caballo Blanco

This song was written by Zachary Bergen, who by trade is a physicist, from Boulder, and also an extremely talented musician and composer. He has worked as a studio musician with several well-known recording artists.

From Zachary Bergen
These are my sentiments re: the song I wrote…
There is an energy, a flow to life. We must find that flow and jump in. A return to innocence, a return to love. A return home. Micah was pure of heart and reached a state where it is impossible to maintain a physical presence because he was vibrating too high for this plane. I mean that literally, not metaphorically. There is no death and in that we can rejoice. Micah “is” and always has been “with” us. He is beyond time and hopes we’ll join him because we can join him now. The song I wrote has always been there. It is of the same spirit that Caballo aligned to. For those of us fortunate enough to have realized the pure thread of embodiment that we witnessed, we carry a slight smile knowing that Micah knows and sees. I opened to that spirit and it flowed through me and came out as a song. We all can have that same spirit come through us and celebrate a unique gift to the world in whatever form appears. That is the best tribute we can give. Get on with it.


Born To Run Free: True Trails From The Horse’s Mouth | the end and the beginning

Sneak preview
Born To Run Free: True Trails From The Horse’s Mouth

by Micah True

Caballo Blanco was just returning to his mountain cabin near Nederland, Colorado in the spring of 1989. It had been a 7 year life-cycle bringing him back around to here, where he was supposed to be at the moment, sitting in front of the wood stove, fire crackling in warm and thoughtful reflection.
During the 7 years since 1982, after retiring from his previous occupation of being a prize fighter, he had gotten very much into long distance running, having run 5,000 and up to 6,000 miles each year during the 80′s. Most of that running came naturally as a form of moving meditation, a clearing of the mind and senses. He did not run a race until 1986 when he accidentally won a 50 miler after running 100+ and up to 180 mile weeks on a regular basis for a few years, for fun. (more…)


Born To Run Free: True Trails From The Horse’s Mouth | Dancing

After leaving the island of Maui, wandering the country, winning some, losing some, losing, but really winning others,

having taken some dives, pretending to have been knocked out while knowing that he could, and would often times dance circles around his opponent, taking great pleasure in teasing, luring the other fighter to chase him, making him miss and thus frustrating and angering the opposition; inflicting only the physical damage needed to get the job done, no more; and often times apparently not enough to persuade biased hometown judges that the peaceful artist had won the fight. Thus, his art was learning to fight while not hurting others and protecting himself from getting hurt, while writing about it as it happened; the strange and raw world, the underbelly of an American sub-culture being penetrated and explored by a young man living amongst several varied sub-cultures……



Laura McNamara | Running Free with the Raramuri

Laura also wrote this article on Halogen 

Running with the Rarámuri of Mexico
By Laura McNamara

They are legendary for their winged feet, but those who venture to run with the Rarámuri ultimately learn about a virtue that transcends an alleged superhuman endurance… kórima.
An Ancient People
Deep into the recesses of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Northwestern Mexico the valleys and peaks of the rippled earth begin to tighten. Ravines and basins contract into a gnarly maze of twisting gorges, forming a mystical natural wonder known as the Barrancas del Cobre, or Copper Canyon. This vast labyrinth of clenched crags and crests stretches for 28,000 sq. miles in an intricate web whose twisting tentacles could envelop and overwhelm the state of West Virginia. It is in this crude earth labyrinth that the Tarahumara, or Rarámuri, keep their antiquated customs and rituals alive. (more…)