Senior Pictures

Class of 2012

No Comments 23 August 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily to take her senior photos a couple of weeks ago. I love senior pictures, such a special time to capture and it is fun to get creative and try out a bunch of different poses, props, and outfits. Emily’s interests include travel (me too!), reading and a great collection of Chuck Taylor’s so we represented each of these throughout the shoot. Meeting such a sweet, level headed teenager makes me a little less anxious about when my two girls grow up!

Emily loves to read…upside down.

I love it when I thrown out an idea like “how about a wonder woman twirl?”, and I get a “sure”! Look at that gorgeous hair!

Happy Travels to you Emily! I hope your senior year is a fantastic one.

Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

2 Comments 26 May 2011

I did this shoot a couple of weeks ago and I am proud to say it was one of the most fun photo shoots I have done to date. I have known Hannah a long time and in fact she caught the bouquet at my wedding nine years ago. Thankfully she didn’t run off and get married at the age of 9! ¬†We ventured through the mud and reeds and our boots got grossly muddy, but we both had a blast. Hannah is venturing off to college next year and what an exciting time to document!

Our first shot – so pretty!

Her beautiful hair against the reeds, love the colors.

Imitating my senior pic pose:

When your subject is beautiful, creative, adventurous and just a tad silly it makes capturing some great photos such fun. Thank you Hannah and good luck at school – you are going to love it.

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