Sam Davidson is a speaker, writer, and dreamer who tells stories that need telling in order to motivate others to change the things that need changing.

Sam Davidson is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has keynoted conventions, led workshops, and spoken at universities all around the US.

We love the idea of living a simpler life, a life that’s more manageable, more meaningful, and more rewarding.


Weekly Challenge: Ask for Help

It can make us feel vulnerable and very un-superhero-like. But, to me, it seems as though the people who have gone the farthest in their careers or who have achieved some great dream were willing and able to ask for the help of another. The myth of the loner who made it exclusively by themselves [...]

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On Enemies

“You have enemies? Good. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill

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What You Can Make Today

Things you can make today (take your pick): A difference Excuses A change An impact Memories Art A better way Amends A cake Something happen So, your move…

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Busyness vs. Work

Being busy and doing work are two very different things. Mistaking one for the other gets us nothing at the end of the day (other than exhaustion). If you’re doing work and producing something valuable, then how long it took is irrelevant. It took as long as you needed to make something awesome. Remember: motion [...]

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Where You’ll Find Beauty

Since its invention, a lot of beautiful and captivating things have been made with an iPhone. But that total still pales in comparison to the beautiful things that have been made without one. Not just art, but relationships, memories, experiences, and connections. Pick your medium wisely.

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