Burton Boys: Mikey Rencz and Mikkel Bang’s Day Off Up Grouse.

Mikkel Bang & Mikey Rencz hit up Grouse Mountain for some sunny hit runs on their ‘off day’ from sledding.

Mikey Rencz everybody.Altitudes Ceasers

Started the day with some much needed caesars..

Beauty Day

MikeyyMikkel Is 'fascinated' by the Wind Turbine

Mikkel was hyped to take a day off filming Whistler backcountry to ride Grouse Mountain for the first time. He celebrated with first try backflips on all the jumps in the Quik Park.

Burtons Mikey Rencz and MTVs Amanda Scheller

Mikey Rencz and Amanda Scheller are hyped. Mikey lead way on a super fun hit run running from Heavans Sake - Deliverance – Skyline.


MB and CV

Mikkel is ‘fascinated’ with the wind turbine(commenting on its slight movements in broken English).

Gang Hang



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Spring Slush Cruisin’

With the Park dialed and the sun out, it’s the perfect time to get those spring laps in. This past Thursday I was lucky enough to get to film with some of the Nomis crew, Simon Chamberlain and Blair McKinney. I also met up with Zac Dolesky just as the clouds were rolling in, and we managed to get some bangers! Enjoy!

PS. Congrats to Ryan Rose and Family Tree the winners of the Quiksilver Filmmaker and Photo Showdown. Also big thanks to everyone who voted for me, my edit won Viewers Choice! You can check out my bail reel here.

That’s all for now!

Quiksilver Showdown Over The City – View from the Beer Garden.

This years Quiksilver Showdown Over the City was an amazing first taste of sunny spring. The new location for the course lead to a perfectly situated spectators area. Knowing that the photographers and videographers showdowns would provide extensive coverage of the event, I took it too the beer garden to see who was hangin’..

They Take VISA!
Luisa Jeffery celebrates the fact the beer garden takes visa!

 Snowboard Canada - Ralph Dammon
Snowboard Canada photographer Ralph Dammon on the scene getting the shot.

DCs Logan Haubrich
Always nice to see DC’s Logan Haubrich

Matts Kuli
Posted up for the day – Matts Kuli
Alice Gorton is 19!
Nitro’s Alice Gorton lucked out having her 19th birthday on such an amazing weekend.

 8mile Johnny Lyall & Quiksilvers Dario Phillips
8mile’s Johnny Lyall + Quiksilver’s Dario Phillips know they have two hands for a reason.

This guy is hyped.

 Street To Slopes
Some good lookin spring boardin style.
 Chris Dufficy enjoying the sun Still got it: Chris Dufficy
DCs Jody Wachniak + Quiksilvers Matt Belzile
DC’s Jody Wachniak + Quiksilver’s Matt Belzille enjoy the day off from filming.

 Jon Versteeg takes the cash
Jon Versteeg wins promising 15% to the after party tab.

peak seasons Steph Weber
Steph Weber at the peak of her season.

 Caley Vanular & Luisa Jeffery
Caley Vanular and Luisa Jeffery date laps.

Chris Brown getting the shot Jack of all trades: Chris Brown

 quikk bite to eat
Altitudes Apres – Ending the day off right..
 Judging Brad Broughton
Brad Broughton knows how to judge what’s good.
Beer-utifullll day.


Vote for Santos

Vote for Santos

The Filmmaker Showdown voting is now open. I’ve watched them all and my vote is with GrousePark.com blog web edit master Andrew Santos. Vote for Santos here.


GTS - Get the Shot

Showdown Over the City Finals

Here are some photos from the finals at the Showdown over the City. The jumps looked amazing! Saw some really sick floaty 540s on the first jump. It looked like a lot of fun.


Some Rails in the Quick Park

Quik Park rail edit.


The 5th Annual Quiksilver Showdown Over the City

Grouse Mountain hosted it’s 5th Annual Quiksilver Showdown Over the City this weekend, and it was awesome! Born five years ago , the event has grown to attract top talent from across Canada and the US with the TTR World Tour 4 Star point designation. Over the past few years the event had been caught in bad weather systems but this year that was not the case. The sun was out, and the beer garden was jumping. Another exciting factor about this years Showdown was the jumps. The Grouse Park Crew built the best course to date. Each of the jumps in the double jump line could have been featured as a stand alone Big Air kicker. With 20′ tall wedges and 60′ decks these kickers were no joke.

Here are a few shots I captured at the event.

Drop In! "What's the speed?" "Straight in from here."

Unidentified Sender!

Heli Cam!

Judges judge. Darcy Sharpe flying.

Man Sized Air

The top jump was no joke.

Snowboarding Roayalty - Chris Dufficy Happy about his cookie and riding in the finals with a huge Cab 9 to Double Wildcat.

John Versteeg $5,000 richer.


1) John Versteeg

2) Darcy Sharpe

3) Craig McMorris


Stay tuned for the Andrew Santos edit for the Filmmaker Showdown.



Showdown over the City Course Preview

I don`t know about you, but I cannot wait for the Showdown over the City. If you don`t know, the Showdown will be taking place this Friday and Saturday at Grouse. The course is pretty gnarly this year with some big features. I thought I would snap some shots of the course exclusively for you, our Grouse Park viewers. Here it is from top to bottom.





For more info check out the official Showdown over the City website here.

See ya there!
Andrew Santos


March – Wanted List

Hudson Bay Company – Axe
Quiksilver – Mapocho Riding Shirt
Quiksilver – Travis Rice Bib Pant
The North Face – NSE Tent Bootie III
Poler Stuff – The Man Tent
Celtek – Trippen Mittens
Stanley - Classic 8oz Flask
Oakley – Terje Haakonsen Signature Splice Goggle
Juniper Ridge – Douglas Fir Sachet

I can’t believe its March. All I feel like doing right now is snowboarding, camping and hiking. A feeling that brought on inspiration for this months Wanted List. Mixing in some new stuff and classic stuff – I started it off with a Hudson Bay axe for wood choppin’ campfires of course. Next up is the Quiksilver riding shirt, wilderness inspired snow wear to wear under the Travis Rice bib snowpants. After a long cold day on the hill there is nothing better then some North Face slippers to bring up your core temps. If you decide to stay the night, the Poler Man Tent is great for solo excursions. On any solo excursion a classic Stanley flask is a great idea, and a warm pair of Trippen mittens. Next some Terje Haakonsen signature Oakleys and a sachet of Douglas Fir to throw in your bag keeping your gear smelling like the rain forests of the northwest- Man stuff.


New Snow!

There has been a lot of softer snow in the park these days, it’s real mellow! Here are a couple shots from last weeks shredding in the Quiksilver park. The set ups and conditions have been prime lately, nice and soft!

Trees looking awesome after some new snow.

The fun Double Shotgun bank at the end of the day.

All of this snow is going to make great conditions for spring riding….cant wait!