Whereas the Board of Directors of Symphony Village at Centreville Homeowners Association, Inc, recognize the need for precluding pets from defecating and/or urinating on SV homeowners private property, the following policy is hereby established:

The owner or custodian of an animal may not allow his or her animal or any animal under his or her control to urinate or defecate on the property of another without the consent of the owner of the property.

In order to help pet owners in SV comply with the contents of Queen Anne County Animal Control Article III, 9-21(a), the SV HOA request that pet owners have their pets urinate or defecate on their own property.  As such, the owner must not allow the pets to urinate or defecate on the private property of other SV homeowners.  To help the pet owners comply with this requirement, the pet may urinate or defecate on any SV common and/or HOA maintained property.  Property maintained by the HOA is defined as the property between the sidewalk and the street, sometimes referred to as the easement.  Any defecation that occurs on common property or HOA maintained property must be cleaned up by the owner of the pet and disposed at the home of the pet owner.

Under no circumstance are feces to be deposited in the trash cans surrounding the clubhouse or in the clubhouse trash dumpster. These are for Trash only.  If any pet owner or custodian is observed allowing their pet to urinate or defecate on private property; or any person is observed to not picking up feces, or depositing feces in the clubhouse trash can or dumpster may be subject to a penalty IAW Article III, 9-21 (a) of the Queen Anne’s County Animal Control.  For reporting purpose the telephone number is 410-758-2393 and the address is 201 Clay Dr., Queenstown, MD  21658.

Voted and approved by The Board of Directors on January 28, 2011.