THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3D - Official Trailer - In Theaters July 3rd


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  • car jacker: you a cop?

    SpiderMan: you really think i'm a cop, in the skin-tight red and blue suit. LOL

  • Yes, because he was the worst Spider-man of all time.

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  • 1:16 I think he will have a snout.

  • Neither do you.

  • damn, you dont even know when you are being insulted.

  • Thank you, I learnt that from you.

  • I hate to say this. I love Emma Stone to death. But, I think Andrew and Emma's chemistry can never replace Tobey and Kirsten's.

  • just when i though you couldnt get any more stupid kid. hahaha. too funny.

  • hahaha now THAT is funny, man u suck, BAD..

  • damn kid you are fucking retarded, you said they exact same comment then i said well done you found the copy and paste tool. derp. shit kid, i gotta say everything to the last detail cause your dumb ass cant handle a normal sentence. thats why this whole shit started in the first place cause you dont understand shit.

  • It took you that long? A bit on the slow side, are we?

  • haha, found the copy and paste tool kid. congrats.

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